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Finding Great Places and Hotels in Sri Lanka

The beautiful island of Sri Lanka is famous for its rich heritage and serenity throughout time. Sri Lanka is truly a paradise within unimaginable beauty. Some of the many names for Sri Lanka are "The Pearl of the Orient" and "Teardrop of India". Undeniably, Sri Lanka has lured so many people to visit the place because of its mystique. What separates Sri Lanka from the sub continent of India are the Gulf of Mannar and the Palk Strait. This wonderful place is located in the Indian Ocean to the Bengal Bay's south west. Sri Lanka has a truly unique charm. Every morning, fresh sun light travels through the mountains, the golden beaches reaches you in your hotel window and shares warmth on you as it brings you to the best experience you can ever have. Here are the great sites that you can find great places and hotels in Sri Lanka.1. Bentota - Before, Bentota used to be thought to lie on the way to Galapatha Temple. The temple is believed in legends that it is connected by a maze of underground tunnels with all the other temples within the vicinity. Today, Bentota is so active on sea sports and other breathtaking activities. On its lagoons, there are calm waters you can enjoy with wakeboarding, canoeing or even wind surfing.2. Galle Town - Old Galle is a UNESCO world heritage site. The fort itself, which is an important monument, has a growing community with huge ramparts, massive bastions, pepper pot towers, while the streets show its Dutch culture.3. Colombo - Colombo is the center point of Sri Lanka, a perfect symbol of hilly and marshy land. During monsoon, it heavily rains even though the climate is hot. Because of its perfect location, it has helped developed the East-West sea trade route. Colombo hotels are well-known for providing homely services and facilities, which are nice and satisfying for the visitors.4. Weligama - Weligama means 'Sandy Village'. It is named from that term because of the bay's sandy sweep. Weligama is a tranquil fishing town which is away from the busy cities located in Matara district 143 km off Colombo. It is one of Sri Lanka's most dramatic natural bays and is ideal for water sports.5. Tangalle - Tangalle is located 220 Km from the city of Colombo. It is one of the main city points for numerous tourist attraction places. Tangalle beach and its bays and lagoons became one of the many alluring beaches of the district of Hambantota and are much known among tourists worldwide. It is truly endowed with excellent facilities for fishing, swimming, sunning and bathing.

More Sights and Hotels of Lindos, Greece

Lindos, the jewel of the island of Rhodes, which is located on the southern end of the island and near the Turkish coast, is hub of the thousands of adventure-seeking, thrill-hungry travelers that come across the island. In addition to this, the island is one of the most popular vacation spots in Greece and in the Mediterranean. In fact, the high times of the year for the numbers of travelers, is from the months of March and October.This is also true for the other resort towns on the island, such as Faliraki, Lindos and of course the old town of Rhodes, which gets their fair share of tourism. In these towns, you will not find any goat herds or fishing villages, as most are on the nearby islands that surround Rhodes. Lindos has restaurants of many ethnicities, bars, nightclubs, shopping centers and markets, where you relax or buy the things that you want. You should, at least, take with you, a small souvenir to show you friends and family back home. Also, while in or near Lindos, try going water or wind surfing, if you are a water sport lover or just want to try these activities for the first time. The beaches that surround Lindos are as fine as the Greek vintage wine that is served in many of the resort's restaurants.In speaking of the beachside of Lindos, there are rows of beach houses and hotels that are similar to the ones in Santa Monica or Venice Beach, California-but only more vibrant and colorful. Generally speaking, the beach houses shine in the Mediterranean sun, which gives the colorful trappings of the hotels, even more colorful appearance.If you do not want to be close to the beachside, there are hotels that are located, in the southern part of Lindos. These Lindos hotels [] complexes are nearly of the same quality and style as the ones on the beachside and they are less noisy as well. Simply put, more privacy, less noise and nearly no clear view of the sea.

iPhone, iPad, Travel and Some Useful Apps

Apple's iPhone and iPad can be much helpful while you are on the move. With these devices you can take photos, make video clips and share every moment through social media sites. These are amazing devices. Apart from this, you can get several useful apps installed on these devices for making your trip more pleasurable. If you are planning a travel trip, here are some useful iOS apps for you.Instagram: It is not a surprise that most of the app-lists dedicated to travel always include Instagram. It is a Photoshop-type editing application for iOS powered devices like iPhone and iPad. It allows you to convert your images into great artwork. You can capture images through your handset and edit them for your friends. You can also share images on social sites like Twitter or Facebook.TripIt: TripIt is an amazing app for travelers. It is like an organizer for travel & trip. It lets you store various useful travel papers and docs. It gets the inbox of your mail and organizes all travel confirmation numbers. When you book a flight ticket, a hotel room, train reservation, the confirmation sent to your inbox is grabbed by TripIt.FlightAware: This app provides complete details about flight schedules. You can track flights by their numbers. The app also sends push notifications for instant updates related to flight time changes or cancellations.Yelp: Yelp provides inclusive details related to restaurants and other services in major American Cities. By using it, you can surf through a number of places to eat. It is available for free.Google Translate: Google Translate is a powerful online translator with no rival. It is also a useful app for travelers. It easily translates simple expressions of any language. For now it helps you translate between 57 languages.Kayak: Kayak is used for booking flights, car rentals and hotels in a city. It shows the best of the fare offers. It is available for free.XE Currency: XE Currency is a wonderful app to know the current exchange value of money. It converts various foreign currencies. The app provides accurate services.Airbnb: Airbnb lets you book vacation accommodations in various parts of the world. You can book hotels, residences and various other facilities by using this app.If you have these apps installed on your iPhone or iPad, your journey is going to be much enjoyable and comfortable. The amazing part of these apps is that they are available free of cost.

Find Inspiration For Trips And Hotels

Thinking of heading on a trip? Many of us spend afternoons in the office daydreaming about a getaway from the everyday, but most of us don't get much further than that. If you have been thinking about a vacation and randomly looking up hotels, it may be time to start doing more than just thinking. Moving ahead with plans will make it a reality and provide long-lasting memories for years to come.A lot of people have a bucket list of places that they would like to visit. For many of us, this list is long and we just don't know where to start. For others, we know we want to get away, but we don't care where or which hotels we stay at. If you are in the latter category, it may be time to do some brainstorming to figure out where you will enjoy yourself the most. First, ask yourself what types of things you like to do on holiday. Do you find it relaxing to kayak in open water or would you prefer to spend the day shopping? Do you like luxurious amenities such as resorts and spas or would you prefer an all-inclusive family friendly adventure? Maybe you have something romantic in mind? Or a particular sporting or culture activity such as skiing or visiting the Taj Mahal. Whatever your starting point, it is a good idea to begin at the beginning.Next, determine what time of year you would like to travel. Remember that the lands down under are hot in the winter and cold in the summer. This can influence travel decisions. It is also wise to plan ski holidays during the best parts of ski season in order to get the most out of your trip. Similarly, if you want to spend a lot of time outdoors, you may prefer traveling in the spring and fall when the weather is better and many rates at popular hotels are cheaper.Once you have your activity and time of year, it may seem obvious that you need to pick the location. For example, if you want to go skiing in February, are you headed to Colorado or the Alps? Switzerland or British Columbia? At this point, many plans are reined in due to budget restrictions so it is a good idea to research flights and hotels at the place where you are thinking of visiting. In the end, getting inspiration for that trip away from your everyday can be the boost you need to get you out of that office chair and onto an airplane.

How to Fit Travel and Expense Into Your Business Budget

Business travel is a necessary expense for most people. When you think of travel and expense for business, you probably think of flying off to another state, being put up in a hotel and attending a conference or two. But business travel can also include just heading to the next town over to meet with a client. All of these things cost money and you need to know how to deal with travel expense reports, expense tracking, and budgeting for these needs.First you need to put aside a reasonable estimate each year from your business' budget. If it's local travel that you are really worried about, it'll be easier to do this. You'll want to include gas prices, car rental (unless your company has its own car) and parking costs. You'll also want to have an idea of how many times a year these trips are made. Do you drive weekly to meet with a certain client, or is it a more varied month by month basis?When it comes to long distance travel, business expenses can be anything from a couple hundred to thousands of dollars. It depends on where flights are to, the kind of hotels your employee is staying in, any additional transportation costs from the hotel to wherever they need to be, and other small costs like a seat for a convention.Expense management software is an easy way to keep track of these trips. You can put in all the information of the trip and have it calculate the costs for you, as well as keep track of any extra spending that the employee may have done. Your entire year's expenses can be recorded so that when it comes to filing taxes or just dealing with overall budget, you have every single trip on file ready to be accessed.If you are unsure of whether you can afford a trip ahead of time, plug it into expense management software long before you book. You'll get an idea of the costs and whether or not it's a feasible investment. The most important thing is that you never book without knowing you have the funds to back it up. Don't pull from other business finances if you don't have to. You have to weigh what is more important to your company.When it comes to business travel and expense, it can be daunting. But if you keep on top of figures and set aside a good amount of money, you won't be in the red at the end of the year.

Easy Ways to Plan Travel and Emergencies

When planning to go for vacations, there are a number of things to consider that could make your travel a pleasant experience... or at least hassle-free. A routine/typical traveller goes without proper planning and lets the holiday take its own course. Though there is nothing wrong in such an approach, till they face major implications because of improper planning and then they end-up wishing if they were more prepared.Well, the little roadmap of proper planning and travel arrangement makes travelling 'a great vacation'. There are few simple steps that you can follow for a effortless and hassle-free vacations.Below are the few steps to follow for charting out a nearly perfect travel trip:The DestinationPrepare a detailed list of all the places you will be visiting. Compare them with other optional destinations. You must include as many destinations in your travel plan as you can afford. You can consider travelling during off-season, it's much cheaper and you'll get to explore ample resources with fewer queues. However, you must check for comfortable weather, especially when kids are accompanying.Buy guidebooks, maps and area suggestions before leaving for the holiday. They are a great help in case you are lost or miss your tour operator's bus.Detailed Dates Holidays are always planned around comfortable dates and the best time to visit the chosen travel destinations. Make sure to give yourself enough time to relax during vacations. Hush-hush trips will tire you on one end and nullify the whole purpose of holidaying.Get Your Visa on TimeIt's not possible to go to an international destination without a passport and authorized visa, unless all the places you want to visit is in countryside.Budget it Up!Set the travel funds aside. The more disposable income you have on the trip, the better it is for you. Take it in plenty of small bills; this comes handy during transportation and shopping.Flights, Frisking and AccommodationAt times special deals on internet sound tempting, however there are hidden clauses. You may be booked for long-route flights with extended time wasted in haulage.You must thoroughly check your hotel destinations well in advance. A three-star hotel may not be up to same standards as in all the countries. Check for all the available amenities including free breakfast or dinner, frisking between airport to hotel and later to all the travel destinations - important to the budget.Prepare a Detailed ScheduleGo day by day. The places planned to visit, the corresponding travel, and the special interest things to do at those destinations.Overseas Medical InsuranceMedical costs across the globe are increasing at a faster pace than the living costs. You must ensure yourself with the 'safety net' of overseas health insurance for medical treatments as well as emergency circumstances.

Bed Bugs and Hotel Lodgings in 2011 - Should You Be Concerned?

You turn on the travel channel on the TV or open up the travel pages in the your local newspaper and all we seem to note is "bed bugs' " a bedbug for every chamber". Advice for travelers currently is check hotels for these pests, wrap your luggage in plastic coverings, and as well pack sealed enclosures to seal up your bed-clothes on the road, or in the cruise ship cabin from these little pests and parasites. Is nothing sacred you think? Here I save my hard earned cash all year long, plan my vacation and out of nowhere these tiny imbeciles are sucking my blood while I sleep. Is this pest of these blood suckers scurrying in the dark nighttime something new or just over exaggerated by the media to create a fuss? After all "cinches" themselves are nothing new. Reports go all way back in history to the ancient Egyptians. It is something to live with for the most part and endure quietly.Yet you may wonder that when you are away from home that as to why you sometimes sneeze when you know you do not have colds? These sneezing episodes seem to crop up and be more prevalent in motel and hotel rooms. Some may tell you it's the hospitality industries cleaning supplies - nil-odor and the like masking odors and making you sneeze and snort. Yet you may suddenly find your coughing even you is not sick? These questions could be answered the moment you understand that there are species thrive in mostly comfortable parts or objects in your house but most often, in your room. This article focuses on the discussion about late night insidious attackers of the sheets and blankets of our evening respite and how to get rid of them.Dust mites are known as allergists simply because they trigger allergies in people (their victims). Once these dust mites hit you, you would know since the most common symptoms you will definitely feel are sneezing and coughing unexpectedly. The worst that they can cause any person is asthma. This type of illness is due primarily to allergens produced by dust mites and if they are not treated well they might even pose bigger problems. Thus, it is important to know more about dust mites.What do we know about dust mites?Dust mites are normally measuring 0.4 mm or 0.016 of an inch in length and 0.25 mm in width. The shape of both female and male dust mites resembles like that of a shape of a rectangle and they look like creamy blue. They have 8 legs and they become visible against dark color background in normal light.A dust mite on the average may live from 10 up to 19 days while the pregnant or mated female dust mite may live as long as 70 days. Female dust mite can produce eggs ranging from 60 up to 100 eggs during the last weeks of life. Dust mites can produce 2000 fecal matters and the can eat scores of dust particles covered with enzymes. Not only the sneezing and coughing that one may experience to conclude that indeed there are dust mites. Other symptoms indicative of the presence of dust mites are reddening of the eyes, itchiness, inflammation of eczema, runny nose, and clogging in your lungs.How then do you treat dust mites?There are several methods through which we can eliminate dust mites in our homes such as by cleaning up the rooms, drapes, pillows, and other clothes suspected to contain dust mites. They cannot thrive in hot places and therefore one of the best ways to get rid of them is to dry your pillows and blankets. If it is sunny, then you may bring your pillows outside the house and let sunshine burn and dissipate what your medical doctor would technically refer to as "Dermatophagoides farinae "All in all these tiny creatures of our bed clothes who devour our blood in the dark as well as similar pests are nothing new. You may experience them in hospitality industry lodgings, you may not. There are certain precautions that most of those on journeys and vacations can take. Yet your local Wal-Mart store, with brand new bedding for sale, may have a sign on their front door advising that their bed-clothes and coverings for sale have been found to be full of cinches and insects as well. Hence bed-bugs are ubiquitous. They are nothing new - either to mankind or the traveling public in 2011. Do your best to ask and steer to clean lodgings. Yet in the end all you can do is endure and try your best to enjoy your travels, holidays and vacations.