Sunday, November 3, 2013

Finding Great Places and Hotels in Sri Lanka

The beautiful island of Sri Lanka is famous for its rich heritage and serenity throughout time. Sri Lanka is truly a paradise within unimaginable beauty. Some of the many names for Sri Lanka are "The Pearl of the Orient" and "Teardrop of India". Undeniably, Sri Lanka has lured so many people to visit the place because of its mystique. What separates Sri Lanka from the sub continent of India are the Gulf of Mannar and the Palk Strait. This wonderful place is located in the Indian Ocean to the Bengal Bay's south west. Sri Lanka has a truly unique charm. Every morning, fresh sun light travels through the mountains, the golden beaches reaches you in your hotel window and shares warmth on you as it brings you to the best experience you can ever have. Here are the great sites that you can find great places and hotels in Sri Lanka.1. Bentota - Before, Bentota used to be thought to lie on the way to Galapatha Temple. The temple is believed in legends that it is connected by a maze of underground tunnels with all the other temples within the vicinity. Today, Bentota is so active on sea sports and other breathtaking activities. On its lagoons, there are calm waters you can enjoy with wakeboarding, canoeing or even wind surfing.2. Galle Town - Old Galle is a UNESCO world heritage site. The fort itself, which is an important monument, has a growing community with huge ramparts, massive bastions, pepper pot towers, while the streets show its Dutch culture.3. Colombo - Colombo is the center point of Sri Lanka, a perfect symbol of hilly and marshy land. During monsoon, it heavily rains even though the climate is hot. Because of its perfect location, it has helped developed the East-West sea trade route. Colombo hotels are well-known for providing homely services and facilities, which are nice and satisfying for the visitors.4. Weligama - Weligama means 'Sandy Village'. It is named from that term because of the bay's sandy sweep. Weligama is a tranquil fishing town which is away from the busy cities located in Matara district 143 km off Colombo. It is one of Sri Lanka's most dramatic natural bays and is ideal for water sports.5. Tangalle - Tangalle is located 220 Km from the city of Colombo. It is one of the main city points for numerous tourist attraction places. Tangalle beach and its bays and lagoons became one of the many alluring beaches of the district of Hambantota and are much known among tourists worldwide. It is truly endowed with excellent facilities for fishing, swimming, sunning and bathing.

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