Sunday, November 3, 2013

iPhone, iPad, Travel and Some Useful Apps

Apple's iPhone and iPad can be much helpful while you are on the move. With these devices you can take photos, make video clips and share every moment through social media sites. These are amazing devices. Apart from this, you can get several useful apps installed on these devices for making your trip more pleasurable. If you are planning a travel trip, here are some useful iOS apps for you.Instagram: It is not a surprise that most of the app-lists dedicated to travel always include Instagram. It is a Photoshop-type editing application for iOS powered devices like iPhone and iPad. It allows you to convert your images into great artwork. You can capture images through your handset and edit them for your friends. You can also share images on social sites like Twitter or Facebook.TripIt: TripIt is an amazing app for travelers. It is like an organizer for travel & trip. It lets you store various useful travel papers and docs. It gets the inbox of your mail and organizes all travel confirmation numbers. When you book a flight ticket, a hotel room, train reservation, the confirmation sent to your inbox is grabbed by TripIt.FlightAware: This app provides complete details about flight schedules. You can track flights by their numbers. The app also sends push notifications for instant updates related to flight time changes or cancellations.Yelp: Yelp provides inclusive details related to restaurants and other services in major American Cities. By using it, you can surf through a number of places to eat. It is available for free.Google Translate: Google Translate is a powerful online translator with no rival. It is also a useful app for travelers. It easily translates simple expressions of any language. For now it helps you translate between 57 languages.Kayak: Kayak is used for booking flights, car rentals and hotels in a city. It shows the best of the fare offers. It is available for free.XE Currency: XE Currency is a wonderful app to know the current exchange value of money. It converts various foreign currencies. The app provides accurate services.Airbnb: Airbnb lets you book vacation accommodations in various parts of the world. You can book hotels, residences and various other facilities by using this app.If you have these apps installed on your iPhone or iPad, your journey is going to be much enjoyable and comfortable. The amazing part of these apps is that they are available free of cost.

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