Friday, November 1, 2013

Celebrate a Kids Birthday in the Cabbage Patch

Cabbage Patch Kids have been around for twenty years, so now parents who had Cabbage Patch Kids as children are now throwing Cabbage Patch Kids parties for children of their own.Typically girls play with Cabbage Patch Kids but many boys have Cabbage Patch Kids too! Make sure that the invitation list for the Cabbage Patch Kids party includes both boys and girls. When you send out the invitations to the Cabbage Patch Kids party, make certain to encourage guests to bring their Cabbage Patch Kid with them. When the parents RSVP for the party, ask the name of their child's Cabbage Patch Kid so that the dolls can be included in the fun. Have some spare Cabbage Patch Kids on hand at the party in case guests do not bring their own.A great idea for snacks would be to have a tea party for the kids and their Cabbage Patch Kids. If you have the names ahead of time, make place cards for the children and their Cabbage Patch Kid. All Cabbage Patch Kids come with adoption certificates and names so this will definitely add a personal touch to the party.If the Cabbage Patch Kids party you plan to throw is a slumber party, make sure to have Cabbage Patch Kids videos on hand. These videos are great for trying to get the party goers to settle down before bed time. This would not require a huge purchase on the part of the parent as these videos can be rented from almost any video store.Cabbage Patch Kids parties honor this popular toy for children of all ages. They come in different developmental stages, races and in a variety of clothes. Cabbage Patch Kids have something for everyone and Cabbage Patch Kids parties do too!

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