Friday, November 1, 2013

Stay Safe With Electric-Powered Kids ATVs

It's not at all unusual for your kids to want to ride ATV when they see you have so much fun on yours! They may have begged you for one but since they're too young to ride a 'real' ATV, who's to say they can't have their own? No one, that's who. Well, if you've been looking for a safe electric-powered ATV for your kid, here are some points you may want to take into consideration.Kids HAVE TO stay safe, they can't ride a normal kids' ATVToddlers between the ages 2 - 4 should not ride a kids' ATV. We know it's safe but for your toddlers and young kids, they don't have the physical dexterity needed to maneuver a machine that size. Trust me, even a kids' 50cc ATV can weight quite a bit. So, don't try!The manufacturer of the electric-powered kids' ATV mattersWhen you talk about safety, we usually look at the experience and reliability of the manufacturer. The more experienced the manufacturer of the kids electric-powered ATV, the better. Experienced manufacturers and designers of kids' ATVs know exactly what features to include in the ATVs to ensure maximum safety for the kids riding these machines. One of our personal favorites is the ever-popular and ever-reliable Peg Perego, of course. They've been in the industry for very long and have a steely reputation as a top manufacturer of kids' ATV.Lay down the rules with the kids BEFORE you buy the kids' ATVMany parents make the mistake of buying the kids' ATV before speaking to their kids about the rules of riding an ATV. When we say 'speak', we mean sitting them down for a serious talk about the dangers of riding an ATV and how important it is for them to ride their ATVs properly in order to prevent untoward accidents from happening. Sure, we know that electric-powered kids' ATVs can't go very fast and it's the safest four-wheeled machines on the planet but you should take this opportunity to lay down the rules right from the start!And do it BEFOREyou buy the ATV because once you purchase the ATV, all those rules are merely words coming out of your mouth and it's not registering because you've already bought the ATV and short of throwing the expensive ATV out into the dump, the ATV is here to stay. Don't think kids don't know how to think cunningly, they do.In conclusion, electric-powered ATVs are fun and it's absolutely safe provided there's adult supervision when they're riding around in the yard. Furthermore, kids' ATVs are now so affordable, why not invest in an ATV for your kids and see them grow to love the sport the way you do! And it solves your holiday trip woes as well.

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