Thursday, October 31, 2013

5 Creative Ways to Make Playtime a Learning Experience For Your Kid

Playtime is one of the most enjoyable activities that kids love. It is also a highly-anticipated activity especially during weekends and summer vacations when kids have a long time-off from school. But learning while away from school is possible and it doesn't have to be boring all the time. By incorporating fun learning activities, parents can ensure that their kids are always well-informed whether they're in or out of the classroom.1. Play the "chore game"Who says playing and doing chores cannot mix? The "chore game" is a parent-and-kid activity that you can always play while the kids are at home. It helps building your child's sense of responsibility while showing him/her how to do it and what items go with it.For example in the garden, you can let your kid identify the tools you'll be using in weeding and cultivating your tomatoes. Another is when you're cleaning the house, you can ask your kid to identify a household item and associate it with a particular usage.2. Nature tripping and spotting the flora and faunaNature trips such as a walk at the park or just by staying at your backyard can be very educational for your kids. You can go bird watching, insect spotting or identifying the various shapes of leaves as you walk pass them.Another is by going to the beach. If your kids love building sand castles, you can teach them about shapes and how to be creative with them. By letting your kids feel and use the sand in creating their works of art, you are allowing them to explore their creativity without even talking them into it.3. Turn that wall into a kid art galleryKids love using crayons, pencils and colored pens. But most of them love using these colorful markers on the walls of your house! Yep, many kids use the walls of their houses in drawing and writing their names on. There are coloring books and sketch pads, but a huge wall is perfect for scribbling and drawing in large scale.Instead of telling your kids not to draw or write anything on your big, blank wall, tell them you'll allow them to use it to create their works of art. It is rewarding for your kids to enjoy their freedom without being scolded at, because expressing their artful creativity is a way for them to convey of how they see the world around them. By allowing them to express their creativity also allows them to improve and grow their craft over time.4. Bake, cook and play at the same timeThe fun part about baking and cooking is usually the tasting of the finished meals and pastries. But this time, let your kids help you with the preparation from beginning to end. Going to the grocery is the initial step as there are many things that your kid can see and learn from this place. Grocery shopping can be playtime to a kid, so why not use that opportunity to teach your kids how to identify ingredients, use math in computing price differences, and counting the right amount of money when it's time to check out at the counter.At home, you can designate the measuring of ingredients, the mixing and the final touches prior to the actual baking or cooking. When it's time to serve the pastries, let your kid decorate and plate them properly with your guidance of course. If it is a home-cooked meal, let your kid garnish the meal and serve it to family or guests. These small gestures give your kids a sense of pride and accomplishment even if it's just a regular thing for you.5. TV or movie time can be fun timeTV shows such as the long-running kid show Sesame Street is an educational and fun way to let your kids learn from characters, adults and kids alike. A cartoon movie such as Pocahontas tells a historical tale, while Hercules tells of a legendary God based on mythology.Letting your kids enjoy and learn may be a challenge. But with the aid of practical parenting tactics, household items, playtime stuff and your goal to make your kids enjoy, learning something out of playtime is achievable and worthwhile.

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