Thursday, October 31, 2013

Keep Kids Healthier and Give Them More Fun

If your kid eats healthy food, is active in exercises and has age-suited weight then he is living a healthy life. Living a healthy life means that your kid's body works naturally, he stays pleasant and is active in his life.Majorly parents and teachers seemed to be responsible for their kids' health but kids can also take some actions to be healthier and to prevent diseases. There are too many ways to teach and explain children to be healthy and fit in their lives however some are common ways and kids are more comfortable with them.-Give Fruits, Vegetables, Water and Milk
-Never let them eat excessive food
-Enjoying sports
-Spend less time with TV
-Teach and explain diseases awareness for kidsGive Fruits, Vegetables, Water and Milk
Often, kids like to eat their favorite foods but eating with mixed arrangement of food is more beneficial for kid's health. If your kids develop a habit of eating different kind of food and dishes then it means they are absorbing right amount of nutrition which are needed for maintaining and growing their health. Vegetable, fruits, water and milk are essential part of healthy food so try to make a combination of them For example-Three fruits and two vegetables or, three vegetables and two fruits daily.
-Shake up milk, water and fruit which your kids like the most, and offer them to drink.Never let them Eat Excessive Food
It is not very easy job to monitor how your kids feel while eating. Try to examine what are your kid's expressions and body language when he eats. If his gesture shows you, he has taken enough food and uncomfortable to eat more then stop him and politely explain him how to eat sufficient food. It is harmful for your kid's health to eat excessive food.
It is important for you to remember the food requirements of kid's body according to his age and weight. So if you know what is the proper diet for kids to be healthier and disease-free then you can easily allow your kids to eat sufficient food.Enjoying Sports
Explore what sports activities your kid loves to engage with. Some kids like to play badminton as a passion, some like to swim, some enjoy soccer and so on. This is the responsibility of parents to watch kids whether they perform their sports activities regularly or not. If not then help them to save time to be participate in their favorite sports. Also guide them further if they like to participate in competitions monthly or on events.Spend less time with TV
Examine how much time your kids spend on watching movies, playing video games and using their room computers. Spending excessive time sitting in front of TV or computer means insufficient time for kids to perform physical activities. Fix minimum two and maximum three hours on daily basis for kids to enjoy with TV and computer. Don't include time that your kid spends on computer in school.Teach and Explain Diseases Awareness for Kids
You should must help and encourage kids to be healthy but at the same time you should also take actions to prevent diseases in children. There are different kinds of diseases which attack kids depending on:-What is their living area
-How is their home environment
-What people they interact with
It is rather more important for you to prevent disease in kids than any other action you take for health and growth of your kids. The most effective step you can take is to educate disease awareness for kids. You can educate children for medical and health awareness by:
-Find some famous DVD s related to medical and health awareness with kids favorite cartoon characters.
-Provide story books of Scooby-Doo, Ninja Turtles, Warner brothers etc
-Provide them books which are simple and easy to understand for example graphic novels explaining diseases to kids.
-You can also find medical comic books store for kids where you can buy medical comic books for your kids.

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