Thursday, October 31, 2013

Teaching Your Kid to Ride Kids Bicycles

Even though parents buy the most appropriate kids bicycles for their kids, they take less care in realizing that they still need to teach the kid to ride his two-wheeled bicycle.Talking about teaching your kids how to ride kids bicycles, the most important thing that comes to our mind is balance.Making your kids do a few exercises that help their balancing act is very crucial especially in the early stages. A kid needs to feel the balance while riding his bicycle, so select a bicycle whose seat can be adjusted so that your kid's feet can touch the ground when he sits on the saddle. Removing the training wheels will also help him to master riding a bicycle faster.Ask your kid to lift his feet off the ground for about one inch and ask him to scoot along or down the hill. Ask him to do it slowly. Your kid can put his feet down if he is scared when the bicycle goes down too fast. You should not hold the bicycle as it will cause fake balance, yet you may want to run beside it to avoid your kid from falling.Whenever your kid has better balance, ask him to use the pedals.While coasting down, ask your kid to put his feet on the pedals and ask him to begin pedaling after several runs. Repeat this step several times until your kid is comfortable with his bicycle. Then, ask your kid to move up any slope. When your kid is comfortable pedaling, you can raise the saddle a bit higher and help him do more pedaling exercises.When teaching your kid how to turn, ask him to slow his bicycle before he turns around the corner. Remind him to keep looking through the turn.When teaching your kid how to stop, remind him to use both brakes all at once. Using only the front brake possibly launches your kid over the handlebars, while using only the rear brake possibly makes the bicycle skid.Remember to always ask your kid to put on a helmet whenever he is riding a bicycle. If it is necessary, put the elbows and knees protectors to avoid your kid from the scars when he falls.Wearing long pants and shoes can also add protections to your kid since first learning cannot guarantee a crash free. Motivate and cheer your kid as he rides his bicycle and enhance his confidence. After all, your kid is not guaranteed to be able to ride his bicycle on his first time learning.Be cautious and patient right through; it's just a matter of time.

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