Thursday, October 31, 2013

Don't Spoil Your Kid - Teach Your Kid Sports

Any parent wants the best for their kids, so some parents spoil their kids by giving them what they want but that is not a good idea. Spoiling your kids could mean laziness and they will not approve to any work or task you give them when they grow up. To prevent your child from spoiling his or her life away, let him or her join sports. There are reasons why you should let your kid join sports at a young age. The reason is when your kids are grown up, they know what to do and what is good for them. From the sport you have given them, they can be famous if your kid excels in the sport every time your kid enters a competition. That is just one reason why you should make your child join sports.When kids are bored they usually watch television, by the time you get home from work, your kid still hasn't finished watching cartoons. Another situation is about computer games. Kids who love computer games end up locked in their rooms and only goes out when they have to go to the bathroom or if they want to get something off the fridge. This is the time when you the parent should come in. Have a chat with your child. Encourage your kid to make changes and stop watching TV to fill the kid's boredom. Talk to your kid about sports and recreation. When you are talking with your kid, make sure that you back up what you talk about with him or her. When you have time, teach him or her to play sports. Teach your child the sport you once played, if you have one.On weekends instead of watching TV, parents should have time with their kids. The parents should also stop watching TV too much and rather talk about the plans for the weekends with your kid. Plan what to do on weekends. This would encourage the kid to be ready and be prepared when your kid goes out and play on weekends with his or her parent. Parents must be active when they play with their children. Since a working parent only has the weekend's time off, that time will be good enough to spend with your child. You can spend your time with your child when you play the sports that your kid doesn't know about. So show off some of your skills to your kid and teach him how you do it. Just don't expect the kid to be perfect at first.As a parent, you should set a good example to show to your kids. Kids love to mimic what their parents do. So instead of sitting in front of the TV, go out and do something recreational. When a kid sees what the parent does, the kid can copy what the parents do. When your kid asks what you are doing, you better answer him positively and make interesting conversations to let your kid know about sports. When your kid likes the sport you do, your kid will ask you to teach him or her.

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